Learn Spanish at home!

Learn Spanish at home

About the teacher

¡Hola! I’m Ligia, a Spanish as a Foreign language teacher (ELE) born in 1986 in the Canary Islands, Spain.  I’m passionate about my work and  I have experience in teaching Spanish to students of all ages from all over the world at all levels.

My method of teaching is creative and innovative giving each student the opportunity to participate as much as possible throughout the class. All my lessons are a combination of the four abilities no matter which one is the level: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Teaching method

In my lessons I use Skype in combination with Google Drive with one-to-one or small group lessons. They offer the following features:

  • work with documents simultaneously.img_0445-2
  • chat using the chat box.
  • share the screen and audio files.
  • use a whiteboard.

 What is included?

  • learning materials.
  • homework (optional).
  • study plan.
  • reading, listening, grammar and speaking exercices.
  • vocabulary expansion.
  • homework correction and doubts resolution via email.


  • payment for classes is via PayPal.
  • the following prices are for one to one lessons.
  • the lessons are for paid in advance.
  • there is a 24h change and cancellation policy. (Terms and conditions)
  • free trial lesson available (30 min.)

precios y condiciones

Students testimonials

comillas STEWART (England) – «Ligia’s an excellent teacher. She explains new concepts very well; always with a sense of humour, a smile and a firm understanding of how difficult / strange / silly some things seem to non-native Spanish speakers. As you progress, she listens as you make mistakes (i.e. ramble through a destruction of the Spanish language before running out of vocabulary!) and encourages and explains how to correct and improve. Lesson formats are varied according to your level and your learning style. I know what works and what doesn’t work for me… I’m guessing she does as well! If your Spanish has improved and you’re after conversational classes, then I’d recommend you try those with Ligia. Once you progress, you start to need / want a teacher who also can talk about books, music, culture, life, politics and not just explain the difference between «ser» and «estar»!! Finally: Does she always start the class on time? Always. Does she cancel at short notice? Never. Give her a go!»

comillas TATIANA (Russia) – «Ligia es una persona culta, seria y una profesional en su trabajo. Ha sido mi profesora por más de un año y ha logrado hacer el proceso de enseñanza y aprendizaje muy entretenido, eficaz y que diera sus frutas más rápido. Además, puede explicar cualquier material de manera muy sencilla y con mucho paciencia. Recomendada 100%!!!

comillas TODD  (United States) – «Ligia’s terrific. She’s on time, she’s patient, she explains clearly and slowly, and she’s reassuring, supportive and pleasant even when I’m phrasing things in ways that probably cause the coils in her brain to twist into knots»

comillas SURBHI (England) – «Ligia is great! After having looked for a teacher for over a year, I finally found a teacher who is teaching me the way I want to be taught, ie, all modules and grammar, with the help of a textbook. Ligia is very punctual for her classes, which is very professional and unlike my past experiences with Spanish language teachers. I wish to be able to continue with Ligia until my C2.»

comillas ZUILA (Brazil) – «Ligia es una gran profesora y busca adaptar el curso a la necesidad del alumno, con un contenido único e innovador! Cada minuto es bien aprovechado. Super recomiendo!» Ligia é uma ótima professora e busca adaptar sua aula a real necessidade do aluno, trazendo um conteúdo único e inovador! Cada minuto é muito bem aproveitado. Super indico!»

comillas MARCIA (United States) – «Ligia es una profesora espectacular y muy dedicada a sus alumnos. Tengo mucha confianza en su trabajo y estoy aprendiendo mucho con sus clases»

comillas DANIELLE (France) – «He tenido suerte con Ligia : es una profe fantastica y ademas muy sympatica. Hice muchos progresos con ella, el espanol me parece ahora mas facil especialemente la conjugacion de los verbos. Ligia te explica todo de manera sencilla, te hace repetir, te da las ganas de hablar»

comillasMARIANNA (Russia) – «Dear Ligia! My kids and I are very thankful to you for your great, productive and always exciting lessons! My kids are always wait for the next class! They have started to speak Spanish very quickly!
Thank you so much!!!!!!»


Contact me for a free trial lesson (30 minutes) or any other questions.



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